Just as David Said

  When Paul was describing the wickedness of people he quoted from Psalm 5: 9 where the psalmist said, "Their throat is an open sepulchre." That which comes from the throat of wicked people is like the trapping of a tomb of destruction. We see and hear it everyday almost everywhere. Especially is it true on television. And listen to the ranting of celebrities whose prime qualification is profanity and vulgarity. I wonder if they could tell you their phone number without subverting to filthy speech.

  Enemies of God are replete with vile language, if it can be called language. When a person feels he has to stoop to corrupt speech to express himself he admits he is ignorant, wicked, a carrier of death and moral decay. He thinks he's "cool." He is only a fool. But he does not realize how "hot" things will eventually be for him.