Just Be Honest

  Those of us who are members of the Lord's church can expect people to differ with our convictions. We have learned that there are some, often many, who prefer to speak disparagingly of the church and deliberately misrepresent us. That does not deter our steadfastness in the faith. But it is a bad reflection on those who do this misdeed.

  One of the most common slurs made against the church is to refer to us as "Campbellites." It is a term of derision and intend to be. But those who do this have a big problem. The church we advocate existed long before A. Campbell came along. Furthermore, they are challenged to present one single teaching or practice that we do by the authority of Campbell or any other man. We show them from Scripture why we believe and do as we we do. (They hate us for this because they can't do that). A congregation existed in the county where I live before A. Campbell touched these shores. That does not deter the slanderer. It does expose him to be evil.

  Their problem hangs on their desire to call themselves names that are foreign to Scripture and just cannot muster enough respect for the Bible to use terms Scripture uses. And they don't like people who respect it.