Just Who Was Lost?

  We read in the Bible of the time when Mary and Joseph did not know where Jesus was but later found Him in the temple discussing the law with the Jewish leaders. They, of course, we amazed. But many of us who preach have taken that episode in the life of Christ and preached a sermon on The Lost Christ. Not an accurate title!

  Was Christ lost? Not really! He knew where He was and what He was doing. Some had lost Him but He was not lost. It is much that way with us today. Christ is lost to so many of us of the human family but Christ is not the One Who is lost.

  If we would become as wise as we sometimes credit ourselves to be we would see that the Lord always is stable and sure and we are the ones wandering and flopping about in life. If we search for Him in the right place (in the Word) we shall find Him;  right where He has been all along.