Keep It Out of the Body

  Strife and jealousy can work its ugly head into the body of Christ today if we are careless and indifferent about keeping a check on it. This was doubtless part of the problem with Diotrophes of whom we read in Third John nine, "who loveth to have the preeminence among them."

  Such an attitude can only create division. The manners of much of the religious world caters to and fosters such strife by giving titles like Reverend, Father, Excellency, etc. The same is true by the wearing of robes and parading before others in a public fashion as if this shows someone is a "man of God." Such is more like the Pharisees that Jesus condemned than genuine and humble Christians (Matt. 23: 5-12).

  The promotion of self in the church can only hurt the promoter and everyone around him or her. Such ought never be in evidence among us.