Leave Him Alone

  Some advise, "Just preach the truth and don't cross other people because you will only make them angry at you."

OK. Let's try that and see how far we get.

"In the beginning..."  Oh! Oh! Some do not think there was a beginning but things have always existed. So you can't preach that.

"...God..." Oh No! That will make everybody mad because so many don't believe in God. So that must be dropped.

"...created..." What's the matter with you? Don't you know "scientists" deny creation? What happened to the big-bang, evolution, man from animal ideas? We can't have "created" being tossed about. Somebody will get upset over it.

Little need to proceed. You have already caused enough trouble for one day. The fact is you cannot preach the truth God wants preached without bothering those who don't want it. Still, some whine, "Leave him alone." NUTS!