The Legalism of Grace

  Law and grace are not contradictory but complementary. There is law in the grace of Christ. Legalism is conformity to law. Obedience brings man into the benefits of the grace of Christ.

  Let us illustrate. A man makes a will but states certain conditions that must be met before the distribution of his estate. The conditions do not render ineffective the grace of the will maker nor does meeting the conditions earn the estate. The very existence of the will demonstrates his grace toward his heirs. He was not obligated to his heirs to give them anything. The fact there are conditions to be met does not mean the conditions are incompatible, inconsistent nor an infringement on his graciousness toward them. Rather, the conditions are the means for carrying out his grace.

  God has commanded certain conditions that must be met to benefit from His grace. We must obey them realizing we are not earning anything but receiving a gift.