Let Me Sleep Into Slavery

  Many warned but most dismissed warnings as being alarmist. So Hitler took over. So did Stalin. And government is taking over everything in life in the USA. "Can't happen here," so blind and stupid parasites wail. Friend, it not only can happen; is has happened and will get worse.

  This is of concern to Christians who have enjoyed religious freedom. But more and more judges, government bureaucrats, "educators," entertainers, media moguls, on and on, are promoting and defending perversion, immoralities of every sort, atheism, Islam, slaughter of the unborn, regulation of everything so long as they have their power and wealth.

  America is in the grip of depraved and deranged sewer rats that have no interest in the welfare of people. These sewer rats represent the wicked population that elected them. Christianity is bombarded on every page. But don't disturb me with it. Let me dream away while our children and grandchildren fall beneath the slavery of tyrants who hate God.