Let Somebody Do It For You

  Has the nation ever been treated to such financial nonsense as being done today? But the politicians have learned how to buy the votes of the irresponsible who are in debt over their heads with no way to pay. The idea is to let somebody else pay your mortgage, health care, education, and whatever else you want. Some in the nation's cesspool called the capitol think that borrowing more money is the path to being debt free. They have lived so long under the doctrine of spending and letting others pay that they have no concept of anything sensible. Deranged idiots now control the government.

  But there is a debt nobody can pay. That is the guilt of sin. But the Lord paid the price for those who will come to Him on His terms. Isn't it strange how some just don't want to do that? They rather stay in debt and pay the price of torment themselves. What mixed up minds dominate humans!