Like the Prophets

  A study of the Old Testament prophets reveals a striking likeness of their work and that which we are  striving to do. The prophets were calling Israel back to God, away from their apostasy, a return to the law given them through Moses and faithfulness to God. In short, they were trying to restore the proper relationship between Israel and God.

  Is that not what we are attempting? We do not wish to begin anything new, reform anything already in existence that men have created, but to restore the religion of Christ in our own time as it is revealed to us the New Testament.

  The prophets were successful because they did God's work even though Israel gave little heed to their message. We will be successful also regardless of how many or few give reverence to the gospel if we contend earnestly for the faith once delivered.

  God gave approval of the prophets and their work. We must work so He will approve of us also.