Like the Stock Market?

  Many people are like me and do not know much about the stock market, investments and such as that. But I heard a financial "expert" say the other day that people have to invest looking at the "long run." What he meant was that you cannot base how you invest on just what seems to be the situation today but have to consider how things go over a long period. I thought that sounded a lot like living a CHRISTIAN LIFE.

  Some things may seem out of place today but consider how you live over the "long run," if you have a long run. So many live for the here-and-now to the neglect of the eternal. Material things dominate some lives to the neglect of the spiritual side of life. That misses the mark.

  There may be "ups" and "downs" in life, like the market, but how you fare over the "long run" is what will really matter at the judgment. So keep your focus on what is important and let not the trivial throw you off course.