Liked to Have Been Along

  Many of us like to travel. Don't do much of it anymore. But there are some journeys that were taken recorded in the Bible that I think I would have liked to have gone along to observe what took place. Some of the trips of the New Testament interest me because of what occurred.

  The trips by Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, Egypt and back to Nazareth must have been special under the circumstances. The journeys Jesus took up and down Palestine and the marvelous events that took place would have been wonderful to witness. How would you like to have been traveling with Saul of Tarsus as he went to Damascus? Or when he was hastened to Caesarea from Jerusalem to escape those who conspired to kill him? Were not his missionary tours exceptional?

  On the road to Gaza was a great trip (Acts 8). But to me the encounter of two disciples with Jesus after His resurrection on the road to Emmaus beats them all. Jesus later explained to them all the things the prophets had said of Him. Can you imagine hearing such a presentation?

  Interesting events in the New Testament surrounding roads capture our imagination and enhance our wonder.