Looking for a Fight

  When our Lord came to this earth He came primarily to save, not condemn (John 12:47). His word will be the standard of judgment the last day (John 12:48). However, in the process of providing salvation there were many things He had to condemn because they were wrong. His motive was to do the will of the Father.

  As we follow in His footsteps we are called upon to fight the good fight of faith, be good soldiers, and a spiritual warfare is our mission. We cannot be faithful followers of the Lord and avoid all conflicts. But conflict is not our mission. We are in a fight for the souls of men, but we are not just looking for a fight. Such things come frequently, however, and when they do we must stand ready to do battle.

  We must always remember that we do not seek to defeat people, put them down, cross them, but win them and seek their salvation as well as our own. Our motive for fighting is to save both others as ourselves.