The Lord's Way Suffers

  Suffering has been a large part of the Lord and His followers. It comes from many sources. But the counterfeit religions that claim to be "Christian" hurt the cause of Christ as much as anything else. Catholicism is so often mistakenly classified as Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. The same could also be said of the multitude of human Protestant denominations. They all have come from men, not God. They all follow the doctrines of men, not God. AND PEOPLE WILL LUMP THEM ALL TOGETHER AND CALL THEM CHRISTIAN. They never think to learn what the Bible teaches, the only source, about the way of Christ.

  Frankly, if Christianity is what Catholics, Protestants, money-mad charlatans, etc. present it to be, I would never be one. But thank God I can know His way and choose to follow it according to the Bible.