Lost All Hope

  The nation of ancient Judah had been so wicked for so long that even the people had given up on ever being what they should be. The hopelessness rings throughout the warnings from the prophets of God regarding their coming destruction because of their constant rebellion against God. Sure enough, this hopelessness became their reality. It did not have to be that way but that is the foolish way they chose.

  Do you not sometimes think that many in our nation are so depraved that they have no hope? They have been served huge doses of humanism on television, in the schools, by political vermin, even so-called religious leaders that they are convinced this life is all gloom and doom and amounts to nothing anyway. In this state, where is their motivation to do better?

  We can have hope if we would put our trust in the Lord. Following His directions is the path of hope and the ultimate rewards are assured.