The Lost Can't Fall

  False doctrines contradict themselves and none do it better than the doctrine of Calvinism. One of the points of Calvinism is that the Lord has "elected" certain ones to be saved even before they are born. Others are lost. There is nothing either one can do to change that condition. Their fate is settled. Calvinism also says once you are saved you cannot fall regardless of how wicked you may live. That may be comforting but it is as wrong as can be.

  We read of many warnings in the New Testament to Christians against falling. If you cannot fall, why the warning? Do you have to warn the man in the chair not to fall out of bed? Only when he is in the bed can he fall. If the saved cannot fall and be lost the warning is useless to him. If he is lost the warning cannot apply to him because he is already lost. Where would he fall? So who is the subject of the warnings?

  Evidently the Holy Spirit wasted as lot of instruction against falling because the warning would not apply to either the lost or the saved. You  wonder why he gave them, and so many of them!