Love and Hate

  Probably most people think love and hate are opposites. But they are allies. God wants people who both love and hate. It takes both to be a faithful servant of the Lord. The same quality that enables a person to love enables him to hate and vice versa. Love and hate are not necessarily good or evil of themselves. It depends on the object of love or hate and the motive behind it.

  God loved the world and sent His Son to be our Savior. At the same time we learn there are those things and people God hates. How can anyone seriously claim to love God and fail to hate what God hates? When we hate what God loves our love for God is stained.

  God hates every false way. Most have no problem about loving what God loves; that is, except the degenerate elements of society who love evil and hate God because He condemns it. Some have a problem bringing themselves to hate evil and those who promote the hatred of God. But love and hate go hand in hand in serving the Lord.