The Lowest of the Low

  When taking note of the depraved and degenerate people on this earth there are none lower than the homosexuals. This is true not only because of their unnatural behavior, the arrogant and defiant way they try to force their lifestyle on the public, the conduct and dress they parade before others, they way they attempt to suppress opposition to their immorality, the diseases and and expense they impose upon others because of what they do, but their lowest of the low depiction of Jesus Christ.

  There is a movie to be released later this year in which our Lord and His apostles are depicted as the same Sodom-types they are. They have no respect for Christ, none whatever for His disciples then and now, and delight in dragging that which is holy and sacred through the slime of their perversion. This world seems to desire to accommodate such evil and wicked people. We can expect nothing good from that element. We pray for them and work for the continued glory of the Son of God.