Made Me Thankful Again

  There are so many reasons to be grateful to God for the blessings received and for those God has used to provide them. We owe so much to so many who have gone before us.

  Either 1957 or 1958 a good brother and I were trying to play golf. (Trying is a proper description of my game.) He was about to hit his drive off the first tee. He suddenly stopped, looked into the distance, and uttered, "Thirteen (maybe fourteen, me) years ago I was up to my shoulders in the English Channel." That day, June 4, 1944 was the day of the Normandy invasion of Europe and my good brother was among those who stormed those beaches. Of course, he survived, but he carried dark memories of that day with him. Because of him, and thousands like him, we remained free of Nazi tyranny.

  We are constantly threatened and thousands have sacrificed their lives to keep us free. How grateful we should be each day for such people.