Make Them Prove It

  We are to prove all things and be ready to give an answer for our convictions. But so are those who teach contrary to the truth. Possibly we too often assume the task of proving what we believe without demanding those who differ must prove what they believe. For instance, while teaching there is one body and the body is the church (Biblical truth) I stated that no denomination that has, does or shall ever exist will do so by the authority of God. Well, here comes one who objects to that "narrow-minded" position.

  I served him my proof that there is one church from a number of Scriptures, but then aroused his anger when I asked him to show from the Bible where God has ever authorized a denomination. Where do we read about any of them about which we know? I asked him to locate his denomination in Scripture. His prime response was that God is not so stiff and  narrow-minded as I am and will allow people to be whatever they honestly and sincerely believe is all right. Real proof! So it goes with so many! Tragic!