Man Becomes God

  Don't tell me you didn't know that man is God! All atheists believe that man is God. They pushed out the true and living God somewhere along the way as they became God and have assumed the position that they now are God, accountable to nobody but themselves. The denial of God stems from the desire of man to be his own god. The arrogance of ignorance dominates the atheist and skeptic. Evidence means nothing to the "scholar" who thinks he is the most.

  The sad plight of those who believe in God is how we are under the dominance of tyrants who steal our money through "taxes" to finance a religion of unbelief, using schools, TV, books, etc. to pound away that we are but animals and nothing more. "Man created God," they say. The truth is, "God created man," but the "wise of the world" have decided they know better, regardless of every evidence going against them.

  While I feel sorry for them and know their destiny is hell, if they are right I have no worry. If believers are right, where does that leave them? And believers have all the evidence on their side. ALL OF IT!