Marks of Identity

  You can identify the Lord's church by the distinguishing and distinctive marks of identity that are characteristic of it and which are revealed in Scripture. It is really no different basically than how you would identify anything else or somebody.

  There are lessons on this website that teach the identifying marks of the church, Category 3, Lesson 6, 911 and others. Because we follow these marks and imitate them the denominational world, which is not like the church revealed in the New Testament, wages war against us and makes all kinds of either maliciously or inexcusably ignorant charges against the church. But this has been the nature of the enemies of the church since Pentecost. It is detrimental, however, because some are so Biblically misinformed and uninformed that they may believe what these clergymen of misrepresentation say.

  When the church is attacked we must be like Paul, "set for the defense of the gospel," and keep on keeping on presenting the "thus saith the Lord" message of restoring New Testament Christianity in our time. And we will.