Mary and Martha

  The Bible student is familiar with these two very different sisters. When Jesus visited them Martha was busily engaged in taking care of household duties while Mary took time to listen to the teaching of Jesus. Martha requested that Mary assist her in the work that was needed. But Jesus said Mary had chosen the better part.

  Jesus taught a lesson on this occasion. It was not that He relegated the work Martha was doing as unnecessary. It was a matter of priorities. No doubt the work Martha did was necessary and commendable. But she had the opportunity like Mary to hear the word from the Savior and that should have been of primary concern to her. Her task was less important than the the blessing that could be gained by hearing the words of Jesus..

  If we can learn this lesson early in life we will likely keep our priorities in order and seek the Lord and His kingdom first (Matthew 6: 33). There is always time to attend to the lesser matters.