May Be Put to the Test Soon

  With the avalanche of filth and garbage talk that pours from the movies, books, television, etc. there has come a movement to curtail speech. Some of it ought be curtailed because it is vile and vulgar. Some deranged people think freedom of speech means you can pour out your filth on everybody else and nobody should complain. The standards about proper speech should be God's standard, not that of some brain dead, foul mouth, power hungry, money greedy idiot liberal (pardon the redundancies!).

  With this desire to suppress what is called "hate speech" there is the attempt to label "thus saith the Lord" into this category. Efforts are being made to outlaw condemnation of sin, such as abortion, homosexuality, same-sex "marriage," etc. It is all right to smear the Lord and blaspheme His name but do not dare criticize the vulgar gutter mind, especially when you can attach "race" to it someway.

  When the law says we cannot condemn sin, then we have the opportunity to imitate the apostles and tell the tyrants of government, "We must obey God rather than men," they shall NOT suppress the message of our Lord.