May Be the Same Reason

  Recorded in Acts 23 is Paul's stand before the Jewish priests. He said he had never violated his conscience. The high priest commanded Paul be smitten across his mouth. Paul sternly rebuked him for that. Rather than seeing the vile conduct of the priest, some accused Paul of reviling the high priest. Paul said he didn't know the man was the high priest. Wonder why?

  Maybe he didn't recognize him? Maybe the priest was not dressed as a priest. Could be that the behavior of the priest was so unbecoming a priest that Paul did not recognize him. Personally, I like that explanation.

  Wonder why some people do not recognize us as disciples of Christ? Could it be our inconsistent and sinful behavior? Recall that Paul taught the church in Philippi to let their conversation (manner of life) be as it becomes the gospel (1:27). Some behavior is not becoming to a Christian and when people see that they don't identify us as a disciple of Christ.