Maybe Early On

  Some show how woefully misinformed they are when they contend that the only difference between the churches of Christ and the Christian Church is the missionary society and instrumental music. That may have been the indications shortly after the division became apparent, but it is certainly not the case now.

  There is hardly a denominational idea, practice, doctrine or fellowship that the Christian Church does not accept today. Women preachers and elders, the celebration of "holy days," claiming to be a denomination, the list extends more than we can write.

  The basic difference is the attitude toward the Bible as authority. Churches of Christ plead for "thus saith the Lord" (Col. 3: 17; 2 Tim. 3: 16, 17) authority while the Christian Church has the doctrine that anything not forbidden is acceptable. All the others differences stem from this major factor.

  Our difference with the Christian Church is about the same as with all other denominations. Shall we follow the Bible or do we "do our own thing?"