Maybe I Should

  One man said he appreciated my DAILY NOTES and said I should do something to try to enlarge the number of people who check in each day. I have never felt real comfortable pushing things like that even though it would be nice to have as many as possible to think along these lines. But I really prefer to just let things go along as they might on their own steam in this matter. It is increasing nearly every month but I have felt if folks tuned in once or twice (they can actually catch any number of them) and like it they will not only come back but tell others. Maybe I should advertise but presently I think I will do as I have been doing, present my thoughts and hope somebody will give the subject some thought also.

  Tonight I am thinking about a hymn composed by my son Bill, "I Am On My Way." One part says, "God calls us from a world of sin to walk the path that leads to Him; I will not rest 'till I reach heav'n, and I am on my way." That spells the purpose of life, does it not? Let us try to help one another reach heaven.