Medium Churches

  Grandparents savor the visits of grandchildren and constantly speak of the things they say. Once one grandson came to visit and the next morning was asked how he felt. He said, "About medium." When pursued as to what that actually meant he said, "That is in the center somewhere between hot and cold." Immediately I thought of the church in Laodicea that the Lord called lukewarm, "neither cold nor hot." The Lord was displeased with a church like that. Why should not a church always be active and busy about the Lord's business with vigor and enthusiasm? Consider what the Lord has done for us and we should be ashamed to be anything less than an aggressive and promoting church.

  That church thought themselves rich and in need of nothing. But Christ said they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Medium churches just do not measure up to the standard, do they? Looking at the church where you attend, what kind of church would that church be if every member did as you do?