Meeting an Old Friend

  Those who like to read will readily understand these few comments. I have been blessed to have a reasonably adequate library during my years of preaching the gospel. There are many books that line my shelves. I suppose I should dispose of some of them but every time I decide to do that I change my mind because I really like to read and reread my books.

  Most of them I have read and marked and underlined throughout. Some don't treat their books that way but I did and do. So many I read for the first time many years ago. Time has slipped by so swiftly it seems. Now and again I look over my books and rediscover one I had not read for sometime. I take it down and start reading. It is like meeting an old friend because of the great themes discussed. (Nearly all my books have to do with Christianity, etc.) The genuine thrill thinking of the truth they present is so enjoyable. I would think you may have some books like these also.