Militant Atheism

  There was a time when atheists complained against believers trying to convert them to believing in God. They thought it was unfair. But what we have in our world today is hostile, militant, aggressive, abusive, lying and evil people who deny God FORCING atheism on others in the character of Hitler and other tyrants. The ACLU tramples the Constitution to promote atheism. The Federal Government promotes atheism in schools. People get fired for being Christians and praying. Privileges are removed if you show any respect for God. This is part and parcel of what society is doing to those who believe God is. It is a serious epidemic of degenerate savages getting their way.

  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ONE BENEFICIAL CONTRIBUTION TO HUMANITY BECAUSE OF THE RELIGION OF ATHEISM. The only way atheists can argue is to ridicule, misrepresent, lie, and never can they produce ANYTHING good for anybody anywhere any time. But, as one has wisely stated, "You can lead an atheist to evidence but you can't make him think."