The Miracles of Christ

  The inspired record tells of over thirty-five miracles performed by Christ while on earth. The reason for such things are primarily to confirm the message that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Other purposes were to show the compassion, power and determination of Christ to fulfill the prophecies concerning the Messiah.

  Not all of the miracles were accomplished the same way. Many people were involved in them. They were always deeds done beyond the scope of what we consider as "natural law." Miracles involve the SUPERNATURAL. Jesus performed the SUPERNATURAL many times as evidence of His identity as Deity.

  Next fall I will attempt to teach classes in the Middle Tennessee School of Preaching that meets at College Grove, TN on the Miracles of Jesus. There are several good books brethren have produced on that theme: 2001 Lectures from Southaven and one by Gaddys Roy available from the Gospel Advocate. Want a good study? That's it!