Our language grows with new words. I may have missed it but I checked several dictionaries and none of them have "misspoke." I think it is used to refer to something somebody wished they had not said. They actually told a lie and got caught and try to soften the evil with a new word. A lie is to relate something that is false with the intent to deceive. When a person lies it isn't accidental and cannot be defined as "misspoke" even if the word does exist. Those who promote and condone error have a deadly habit of inventing new words and redefining old ones to cover their wickedness.

  This reflects the kind of people many who seek and hold political office in our country really are. They lie so often they cannot even admit it is a lie. Truth to them is whatever keeps them in power regardless of how foreign to the truth it is. Once it was said there are two kinds of politicians; the caught and the uncaught. The same could be said of a multitude of religious and academic teachers as well. No wonder our nation is in such turmoil.