Misusing Corinthians

  The church in Corinth had serious problems and Paul wrote them in order that these problems would be corrected. Some gloss over the seriousness of their error by saying they still were a church of Christ and covered by His blood. But being covered by His blood is conditional (1 John 1:7). Paul gave them no comfort in their sins but was giving them "space to repent" (Rev. 2:21) lest their candlestick be removed.

  Are we to think if Corinth ignored Paul's warning that they would indefinitely be considered a church of Christ and deserving of continued fellowship? Such is to abuse and misuse what Paul was writing. But some do this because they want churches in error to remain in fellowship regardless of how far removed from truth they go or how long they are like that..

  Those in error need correction. Paul gave it. Those who repent are forgiven. Those who do not will lose their identification as a church of our Lord.