Moabite Mistake

  2 Kings 3 tells how Moab refused to continue paying tribute to Israel after Ahab died. His son, Jehoram, formed an alliance with Judah and Edom to force Moab into submission. But the three kings ran short on water. They called for Elisha, God's prophet, who told them how to get the water they needed. They were dig ditches and God, without rain, would fill them. They did as instructed. The ditches were filled.

  The next morning the sun shone on the water and the Moabites thought it was blood and mistakenly thought the three kings had warred among themselves. They laid down their arms and marched out to seize the spoils only to be soundly defeated.

  They thought they were right but they were wrong. Some investigation before committing themselves to defeat would have made a difference. We can see their mistake. Do we see that we can make the same mistake by assuming something is true without a Biblical investigation to be sure?