Modern-Day Judases

  Nothing is more repulsive and despicable than a traitor. The name of Judas is infamous for that reason. He betrayed Jesus Christ. But those leading in most so-called "Christian" schools are no better. They promote violations of the purposes for which those schools were originated lining up digressive apostates time and again. They have no honor or shame. The words and deeds show they are enemies of the Lord, not His friends.

  To allow favorable comments regarding false doctrines, to promote unauthorized manner of worship, to teach error, to permit students and their publications to promote sin is without excuse. Yet, it is done without shame.

  Some of these administrations and boards of these universities have no concern for the religion of Christ. Board members are there only because they have money. They don't care. If they did they would not permit what they do. The founders are being betrayed everyday by the present-day Judases.