More Brambles on the Way?

  After Gideon's death his wicked son Abimelech took power by slaying all potential leaders except Jotham. Jotham told of the trees selecting a leader. First it was offered the olive tree who refused. Then the next best a fig tree who also rejected it. Thirdly, the vine but with the same response. Then the proud and boastful good-for-nothing bramble. He was glad to be leader.

  I am not sure America has any olive trees, fig trees or even vines. We have an overload of bramble, some worse than others. Surely, when someone advocates abortion, even infanticide, homosexuality, same sex marriage, ridicules the Bible and has good words for Islam, he is like Abimelech; you could not get worse.

  America may choose brambles. They have done it before although none so blatantly anti-Christ as the present pack. Why won't Americans learn?