More on God's Vengeance

  In their fanatical passion to accommodate criminals and denounce God some of the left-wing do-gooders like to bash God because He is a God of vengeance that assures us justice will eventually be done even though not necessarily in this life. They think bashing God shows compassion for the incorrigible degenerates that generally dominate their cesspool society.

  Paul asks the question, "Is God unrighteous who taketh vengeance?" (Romans 3: 5). His inspired answer is, "God forbid" The very thought of condemning God as if He would or could do evil is ridiculous. How could He be just if He looked upon evil and goodness with no distinction as do His critics?

  Such perverted and deranged minds of deliberate sinners only exposes how corrupt people can and do become when they choose themselves to be as God rather than the true and living God of heaven.