More Than an Opponent

  "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him" (Psalm 37: 32)  We are somewhat naive if we consider those who resist the truth to simply be opponents. They are far worse than merely somebody that does not agree with us. This is certainly true of those who are so blatantly wicked and evil.

  They not only want to overpower us with their degenerate ways but would destroy us completely if they had opportunity. Such is the nature of the enemies Christians face in this world. Those of the Islamic religion, humanists, evolutionists, the immoral reprobates who call evil good and good evil would rid the world of every remnant of the will of God if they could.

  Why would they do that? The existence of righteous people is a threat to them. They want to do as they wish without suffering the consequences. But the day of accounting will come upon them as an unstoppable flood of wrath. Only those who serve God shall survive in the hereafter.