Most Inconsistent

  The inconsistency of people is never more evident than in their voting choices. I well remember how you were called a bigot and prejudiced in 1960 if you did not support John Kennedy, a Catholic, for President. If you opposed him because of his Catholicism, you were prejudiced. But if you supported him because he was a Catholic, that was not prejudice.

  We are hearing the same nonsense today. If you refuse to vote for a person because skin color, gender, age, etc. you are a bigot. But if you vote for a person because of these reasons, why, that is your right and no prejudice involved. Who can believe it?

  Just why it is prejudice to go one way but not prejudice to go the other has never been explained. Nor will it be! Policies, record, promises, allies,  character are the issues. But such things take a back seat sometimes.