My Easiest Commandment

  Please excuse the personal reference. Today is called Mother's Day, a day to honor our Mothers. I still cling to the tradition of wearing either a red or white flower on that day that designates your Mother to be living or dead. Mine is dead so I will wear a white flower. But it reminds me of the commandment, "Honor thy father and thy mother." That has been the easiest commandment for me to obey because of the kind of parents they were.

  I say "were" because they have both died, but in reality they still "are" because I can recall them and their guidance of me and every day my respect and love for them grows.

  In addition, my beloved wife and I  have four children. My children have the very best for a Mother. My daughter and three daughters-in-law are the kind of mothers God's book teaches them to be.

  So this is another Mother's Day and I count my blessings.