Negligence- Not Me

  We seldom associate negligence with self. That's somebody else. Definitions of negligence are carelessness,  to omit what ought be done, to show disregard or slight something deserving of attention, to leave undone what should be done. One way we can be guilty of negligence is to be a hearer of the word and not a doer (James 1:22).

  There is danger in neglecting our health or ignoring a present physical danger. But the failure to do good is neglect. A mother asked a judge why her son was in prison, "What did I do that made him this way." The judge wisely said, "It may have been what you failed to do."

  There is neglect of spiritual training in the home, doctrinal teaching in the church, moral living in society. Who is the most destructive: a farmer who takes a hammer and breaks his machinery, or one who simply lets it rust into uselessness? They both got it destroyed, didn't they?

  We need to learn what our duty is and be diligent in doing it lest by negligence we fail in the most important matters of life.