Neither Plainly or Otherwise

  Some say, copying from false teachers of pre-millennialism, that the Bible plainly says Christ will reign in Jerusalem one thousand years beginning at His second return. The Bible does not say anything like this, plainly or obscurely. The assertion is false and those who teach it are false teachers.

  Revelation 20 reads, "...they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years..." The passage says nothing of Christ reigning on earth, in Jerusalem, nothing about people living today, nothing about an earthly capital for His kingdom, but a reign of martyred souls who had formerly been seen under the altar (Rev. 6). It is a statement of spiritual victory for the faithful, One thousand years has no reference to time whatsoever but are symbolic words of complete and total victory for those once considered defeated.

  What about this millennium some talk about? Nothing about it. It is a part of a sensational, fabulous, imaginative, inventive false religious theory and does not even belong in Biblical discussion.