Picture Peter for a moment in a sad hour of his life as he warms himself by the fires of the enemy after Jesus was seized. He wanted to remain close to Jesus to see what would happen to Him, but he was neither close enough to Jesus to help Him, nor to receive any strength from Him. He wanted to remain nearby but not be identified with Him. He did not want anybody to really know with whom he stood at that moment. He was attempting the folly of neutrality, and even cursed, swore and denied Christ three times rather than declare his allegiance.

  Did his attempt succeed? Certainly not! He later realized his sin and wept bitterly. His repentance is obvious by his conduct thereafter. There was not neutrality in Peter on Pentecost or at the house of Cornelius or before the Jewish council or any other time in his life after that tragic day.

  Permit a word of admonition. Stand up for the truth every day, every way, regardless of the cost to yourself for doing so. Either stand up or sit down and quit pretending. Pretense is hypocrisy.