Never Get Around It

  Try as hard as they do, and as often as they do, those who deny the existence of God will never, ever, get around the fact that there is design in our universe and things that exist could not possibly have happened by accident or chance. They can fume and fuss over their ever-changing scientific "facts" that they use to "prove" nothing matters, but the facts of science stare them in the face and disprove their absurd denials of the existence of God.

  I find it difficult to accept the credibility and honesty of a person who defies the monumental evidence before him of the existence of God. He has to be so biased and brainwashed that he simply refuses to accept the truth. But when you do not want to be accountable for your conduct, you will do most anything and believe the most ridiculous things in order to find basis for your "do-your-own-thing" immorality.

  We are grateful God is and that He has given evidence of His existence to the extent we can have every confidence in Him and His Word.