Never Heard

  Making judgments is a considerably risky business, but a very necessary one. Life demands it, even judgments regarding people. The big mistake we often make is three-fold: (1) judging by our own standards; (2) failing to judge by God's revealed standards; (3) judging with inadequate and partial information. But try as hard as you may, you cannot live a day without making judgments. The Lord did not condemn making judgments but making faulty ones.

  Have you ever heard of someone who was judged by God's measure and complimented for something good they did, then complain, "Don't judge me." They don't object to judgments; just those that rebuke them.

  Some cry, "Love me and leave me alone." They want to do their own thing, right or wrong. A Christian can't love you and leave you alone to go to hell without warning you. They warn because they love. Think of that!