Never Heard of Him

  If you listen to these left-wing, anti-God, socialists politicians you would soon think the founding fathers of this nation never heard about God any time in their lives. These destroyers of our nation's religious heritage would have you believe nothing was ever said, done or written that gave respect to the reality of God and the spirit of man. They are totally secular and materialistic to the point that the overwhelming abundance of evidence of belief in God by the founders is just ignored and denied.

  These people are liars, deceivers, dishonest and viciously corrupt in every respect. Yet, they clamor long and loud for the power to rule the nation that once respected God. They want to destroy what has been a glorious past for a deranged and vile future.

  How can a person who professes to be a Christian ever give any kind of support to the left-wing radicals of liberalism! They cannot and remain faithful to God.