The Night is Coming

  Nothing new about that, is it? Night always follows day. Some look upon night as the end while others consider it a blessing for there comes with it the ceasing of labor and a time of rest. We sing a great song entitled, "Work for the night is coming." The message is clear and plain. Day is the time to take advantage of opportunities to accomplish what needs to be done. Opportunities must be seized or they escape us. As the verses state, "When man works no more," or another, "When man's work is done."

  When we realize that time moves swiftly and the end of the day of life is inevitable it motivates us to work through the sunny noon and darkening shadows with labor, giving every flying minute something to keep in store.

  The sun has set on many of our friends and loved ones. Their day has passed. We, however, are still blessed with daylight hours. How many more hours that may be we have no way to know. But we must work until the last beam fades. Then that rest for which we long will take us away to be with God.