No Confidence

  When you read over and over again of judges rendering decisions that protect criminals and either punish or ignore their victims you wonder how they got to be a judge. Justice, fairness and the law are supposed to guide them. But who is so naive as to think that really is the case? Vicious crimes are treated as if nothing really bad too place. Innocent people are ground down by a judicial system that caters to the most powerful, and sometimes the lowest morally. The law is dismissed and the agenda of the judge dominates. Confidence in our judges is misplaced.

  But there will be a judgment by a Judge that will be absolutely correct in every respect. God will judge by and through Jesus Christ. There will be no mistake. The application of grace and justice will be evident that day. Those who have partaken of the benefits offered by the grace of God will be saved. Those who choose to "do their own thing" will be condemned. And nobody is going to change that.