No Evil, Yet Captive

  It is not wrong to hold an evil person in captivity. He deserves punishment and potential victims deserve protection. But to hold one captive when he has done no evil is unjust and cruel. Yet, this was done to our Lord. Pronounced that no evil could be found in Him, He was nonetheless given into the hands of a murderous mob to be crucified as if He was a vicious and vile criminal.

  Paul suffered a similar situation after he stood before the Pharisees and Sadducees (Acts 23) and no evil was found in him. Yet, a great dissension arose over him and he was put in prison. Even so, the Lord came to him and encouraged him to, "Be of good cheer."

  I have never been in prison but think it must be a horrible experience. But to put there unjustly must make that suffering more than excruciating. Such has been the lot of many who would not bow to evil men.