No More Medicine

  Sometimes innocent sick people take the wrong medicine and get worse and even die. We should get rid of medicine. Sometimes people overdose with medicine and even use it to commit suicide. Some take pills used for cure of diseases to get "high" and act crazy. People make money off of medicine, even taking it from people who cannot afford it. As we look at things there are many reasons we should dispose of all medicine. It is so often abused and misused that it deserves to be repudiated.

  But that's stupid, isn't it? Just because some misuse something does not justify its disposal. But some are using this argument in their ambition to destroy all religion. Religion has been abused and misused throughout history. Does that justify throwing out God and Christianity?

  The religion of Christ suffers from abuse by many who profess it as well as those who are servants of the devil. But it is perfect in every respect and the only salvation for man. If used, rather than abused and misused, it is the provision of the spiritual needs of mankind.