No Not One

  How many members of the Lord's church deny that salvation is by faith. NOT ONE. Those who read the Scriptures know that there are many passages that affirm that salvation is by faith. No one would dare deny that truth. We do need to know the kind of faith that saves.

  It is a cardinal doctrine of denominations, however, that salvation is by faith alone. How many passages of  Scripture teach that? NOT ONE. Is it not strange that denominational preachers cry long and loud of salvation by faith alone and NOT ONE of them can produce a single passage from God's word that says that?

  I read where James wrote that we are NOT saved by faith alone because that kind of faith is a dead faith (James 2: 20, 22). Do you want to rely on a dead faith for salvation?

  The faith that saves is the faith that obeys. We must make our faith perfect by our works of obedience. Who can show from Scripture that this is not so? NOT ONE.